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Iron Buyers’ Guide

There is nothing like having a new set of irons in your bag. Now that the launch season for many top brands is underway, Golf Digest Singapore is introducing its first-ever buyers’ guide to showcase some of the latest, most high tech, forgiving, playable and nicest-looking clubs money can buy.

But we’re not leaving you with just the hardware. Zaw Moe, our Golf Digest Singapore Teaching Professional, will give you two important tips to help you hit your irons pure. And Eric Ng, a Professional Clubmakers Society Class A specialist, will highlight a few things you need to check to make sure your irons fit your swing.

If you’re in the market for a new set to elevate your game, you’d better pore through our list before heading out to the stores.


# Irons Type Price Lofts Features


Callaway Big Bertha

Cast S$1,738.75 Memphis 10 steel, S$2,086.50 graphite 6 iron - 29°; PW - 45° Integrated set of Callaway's I-brids (replacing long irons) and traditionally shaped shorter irons. Oversize design, a wide sole and increased offset make these clubs the most forgiving from the guys in Carlsbad.

Callaway FT

Cast S$2,514.5 NS Pro110 steel, S$3,050.50 graphite 6 iron - 30°; PW - 45° Callaway's most technologically advanced irons feature extreme notch weighting, a high density tunite cradle that moves 80% of total weight to the perimeter and a hot, lightweight titanium face for increased ball speeds. The TPU SenSert at the back serves to decrease vibrations.

Cobra FP

Cast S$1,200 NS Pro 1030H steel, S$1,440 Aldila VS Pro-HL graphite 6 iron - 29°; PW - 44.5° Newin the '08 FP is a sleeker head design, full cavity backed plate with urethane membrane for enhanced feel, and a relieved mid-width sole. MOI is cranked up and precision weighting offers playability from all lies. The clubhead is made from 431 stainless steel with a urethane sole insert.

Cobra S-9

Cast S$1,640 NS Pro 900XH steel, S$1,880 Graphite Design YS graphite 6 iron - 28.5°; PW - 44° The multi-material construction consists of a three-piece polymer topline that moves 13 grammes of weight to the heel and toe, and a urethane sole insert for lower CG. The wide sole and high MOI offers greater distance and more forgiveness for those insert of a game improvement club.

Kasco Kii-Ti

Cast S$1,990 Power Tornado graphite 6 iron - 29°; PW - 45° Kasco's hollow irons offer optimum position of CG to help the ball up in the air. Longer irons are lighter to make it easier to swing, while shorter irons are heavier for stability and control.

Mizuno JPX A25

Cast S$2,250 NS Pro950GH steel, S$,2590 Mizuno Quad graphite 6 iron - 30.5°; PW - 46° The dual construction consists of a 2.2mm-thick clubface and a stainless steel body. Touted as Mizuno's "most forgiving iron", the set is comes from 5-iron to pitching wedge.

Mizuno MP-57

Forged S$1,750 True Temper Dynamic Gold steel, S$1,950 NS Pro 950GH steel 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° Mizuno's first-ever full cavity MP iron. Innovate Cut Muscle offers ideal CG location and enhanced feel. Grain Flow Forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, with modified U-grooves to provide ideal spin rate and playability.

Mizuno MX-950

Cast S$2,150 NS Pro 950GH steel, S$2,290 Exsar MI-1 graphite 6 iron - 30°; PW - 46° Grain Flow Forged with 4135 steel, the 5 to 7 irons hybrid irons have Hollow Technology with tungsten weights to lower CG. Irons 8 to lob wedge are Grain Flow Forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon seel. H.E.M.I. COG design maximises energy transfer from club to ball.

Nike Slingshot 4D

Cast - 6 iron - 30°; PW - 46° Nike's PowerBow design and an ultra-light Cryo steel face come together to provide high MOI and an expanded COR. Neat yellowTPU inserts help to dampen vibrations at impact.

Nike SQ Sumo

Cast - 6 iron - 30°; PW - 46° Slingback design is strategically different for each club to achieve desired ball flight. Variable sole width optimises CG while offset progressively increases as you get to the longer clubs.

Ping G10

Cast $208.65 PING Ascending Weight Technology steel, $262.15 PING TFC 129i graphite, per piece 6 iron - 30.5°; PW - 46° Cast from 17-4 stainless steel, these ironss have extremely low toe weighting to increase MOI. The large, perimeter-weighted head features a new cavity shape and wider sole. PING created a new shape for the Custom Tuning Port for added stability on ball impact, and an elastomer insert reduces vibrations.

Ping i10

Cast $208.65 PING Ascending Weight Technology steel, $262.15 PING TFC 129i graphite, per piece 6 iron - 30.5°; PW - 46° Better players will prefer this smaller, blade-style club. Its compact head reduces offset features, and the thin top rail offers a pro iron look. Its CG position promotes a low, penetrating ball flight.

Ping S58

Cast $243.43 steel, $303.56 graphite, per piece 6 iron - 30.5°; PW - 47° Beautifully crafted, the S58 offers flight and distance control preferred by pros and better players. CG is placed further back in the long irons, and more forward in the shorter ones.

PRGR iS3 500 BL

Forged S$2,325 PRGR 85 Spec Light steel, S$4,065 PRGR Meta graphite shaft 6 iron - 29°; PW - 46° These soft blade irons have a Magnesium Mix Badge to reduce vibration. Straight leading edge improves set up yet the low CG helps get the ball in the air.

PRGR iS3 501

Forged S$1,926 PRGR Pro Spec 90 steel, S$2,211 PRGR Inspec graphite 6 iron - 29°; PW - 45° Similar to the 500s but the 501s have greater club face height and width, as well as a wider sole width.

S-Yard TX-V

Forged S$2,300 PING Ascending Weight Technology steel, S$3,380 PING TFC Z129i graphite 6 iron - 27°; PW - 44° S-Yard's Triple Under-cut Technology features a pocket cavity and toe-heel tungsten weights that help push the CG lower and further back, while increasing the moment of inertia.

TaylorMade Burner XD

Cast S$1,752 NS Pro 950GH steel, $1,992.00 RE*AX Superfast 65 graphite 6 iron - 26°; PW - 44° The XD's thin, flexible and fast titanium face propels the ball at great speed. Extra large hitting area provide extremely forgiving and easy-to-hit characteristics.

TaylorMade r7 CGB Max

Cast S$1,992 NS Pro 950GH steel, S$2,312 RE*AX Superfast 55 graphite 6 iron - 26°; PW - 44° Max speed, distance and forgiveness coming in a large, thin, high-strength steel face. Tungsten weights increases MOI and a hollow topline allows CG to be moved low and back for higher ball flight.

TaylorMade Tour Burner

Cast S$1,200 True Temper Dynamic Gold steel 6 iron - 29°; PW - 46° The Tour Burner features a multi-functional sole with beveled trailing edge for easy launch from all lies. A medium top-line and intermediate offset offers classic looks at address. The 2.2mm-thick fast face delivers high COR, and TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology expands the sweet spot on the club.

TaylorMade TP Forged

Forged S$1,512 NS Pro 950GH S$1,799 RE*AX graphite 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° Tour-calibre player's iron with minimal offset and flatter lie angle. Shallow cavity creates higher CG for more penetrating flight, while Inverted Cone Technology expands the ideal hitting area on the club face.

Titleist AP1

Cast S$1,560 NS Pro 950GH steel, S$1,880 Fujikura Rombax graphite 6 iron - 29°; PW - 45° This 'advanced performance', dual cavity, multi-material iron is made from 431 stainless steel. The high density nickel tungsten box provides forgiveness and feel, and the Central Cross Member with elastomer cushion adds rigidity.

Titleist AP2

Forged S$2,120 Project X or NS Pro steel, S$2,440 Fujikura Rombax graphite 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° The AP2 comes with many of the AP1's game improvement features but in a forged body construction and less offset. High performance sole width and bounce make for improved shotmaking. Used by many PGA pros including Adam Scott.

Titleist ZB

Forged S$2,000 True Temper Dynamic Gold or NS Pro Super Peening Red steel 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° Blended cavity to muscle back set forged from 1025 mild carbon steel. Unique Z back design places weight towards the toe and heel. Traditional looking top profile with tour preferred launch characteristics.

Titleist ZM

Forged S$2,000 True Temper Dynamic Gold steel 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° Traditional looking muscle back irons forged from 1025 carbon steel for the highly skilled golfer. Minimal progressive offset with long irons having shorter hosels compared to the shorter ones. Sole is slightly narrower than the ZB, and there is one degree more bounce in the long irons.

Tourstage ViQ

Cast S$1,700 NS Pro900GH, S$2,090 Tourstage Vi-50 graphite 6 iron - 27°; PW - 44° The popular V-iQ irons get a full makeover in '08. The new version features a full cavity with a thin titanium face. The MOI is increased by 120%, and the "repulsion area" by 150% compared to the '06 model. 15-gramme tungsten weights in the heel and toe dampen vibrations, while turbo rubbers control vibration.

Tourstage X-Blade CB

Forged S$1,700 NS Pro 950GH 6 iron - 30°; PW - 46° Premium Endo forged steel with an inner magnesium alloy helps to provide great feel with dampened vibration. Minimal offset helps square the face at address. Weight is taken from the centre of the head and placed in the heel and toe, providing high MOI and forgiveness.

Wilson Staff Pi7

Cast S$1,190 True Temper Dynamic Gold steel 6 iron - 31°; PW - 47° Compact, classically shaped head design with unique perimeter weighted cavity provides forgiveness in a tour-preferred head.


Cast S$1,850 NS Pro 950GH, S$2,450 MP500 Quad axis graphite 6 iron - 27°; PW - 44° The new 2008 model from one of the best selling game improvement irons in Japan come with a titanium face, stainless steel body and a 60g tungsten sole for the lowest and deepest CG in an XXIO iron ever.

Yamaha Inpress V Forged

Forged S$1,815.00 True Temper Dynamic Gold steel, or A$2,685.00 Graphite Design Tour AD graphite 6 iron - 28°; PW - 46° Sweet sleek lines define the 2008 version of these irons forged from S20C steel. Small offset and a thin topline caters to the better players, but the forgiving grind adds forgiveness to mid-handicappers.

Yamaha Inpress XD Black

Cast S$2,515 Graphite Design Tour AD graphite 6 iron - 27°; PW - 43° Game improvement package with a mid-sized cavity back. Made of MS225 stainless steel body and ES230 maraging face through the set. Undercut helps add distance while tungsten weights at the heel and toe from 5 to 7 iron lowers CG and increases trajectory.


From Golf Digest Singapore Jun 2008 issue


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