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It's the New Year, and with it, I think we all can do well to adopt a new attitude to golf.

Mine this year is to continue to push people towards embracing technology. For starters, I'd encourage everyone to look in their golf bags. Do you see any club in there that are over three years old? (I'm being quite conservative here, as even clubs that are a year old, may be obsolete.) If you do, and you seriously would like to play better - or enjoy the game a little more - then it's time to consider trading up.

Yes, technology is transformiing the world of golf clubs as quickly as you'll need to update your iPhone apps.

If you're unconvinced, just look at our February issue's Hot List. The award winners this year are far crys from clubs half a decade back. The research, materials, and money put into developing, manufacturing and marketing these clubs have put men on the moon. And in no small measure, these clubs will surely have you jump just as high in delight.

But as you all know by now, golf clubs are like shoes - it's not one size fits all. Very often, and particularly with drivers, you'll need to have the club fitted to your physical ability and swing technique. I recently got myself a Callaway RAZR Fit driver. Although it came with a Japanese spec regular flex shaft (my usual setup), I couldn't hit it to save my life. The club had no feel, was overly club head-heavy, and I couldn't tell where the ball was going even if I had a crystal ball.

I took it down to Big Fish Golf, one of the premier club fitters in Singapore, and had a Diamana Ahina regular flex shaft put in. The first round I played with the tweaked club, I hit it straight as an arrow, and at least 10 metres further than my average drive. The second round I played, it was more of the same. And the third round, I could start working the ball - hitting my usual fade without losing distance, and even managing to hit a draw. I won't kid myself and say that my handicap is going to plummet with this new configured golden club, but driving has become way more fun (okay, that nasty slice, or topped skull still appears once in a while, but I won't blame the club now).

What I'm saying is that as the lunar year turns into a new one, we should all stop gazing at the stars, and start looking in our bags. Are we playing with shafts that are too light? Too heavy? Too stiff or too flexible? Are the heads in our irons too small, and the soles too narrow? Are we spending good money on a decent set of clubs, and then trying to save a few bucks by buying used balls dredged up from heaven-knows-where?

Time to take a step back, bring your set to a club fitter with a launch monitor, then have a go at a few new clubs to see how they compare with your old ones. You'd be surprised. And the best thing is that at today's golf prices, it won't take a second mortgage to put some new sticks - and with them, a new perspective - in your bag.

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